During the studies students learn the science and methods of medicine based on human morphology (structure), functions (physiology), psychology, basic clinical practice (anamnesis, overall objective examination, and interpretation of results, manipulation competence), obtains knowledge on health promotion and disease prevention in the context of family and society. After successful completion of the program graduates may enter residency and Ph.D. studies.

The program corresponds to EU standards and professional requirements set for MDs. The obtained degree is in line with European labor market requirements (part of European comparative degree system) and allows free movement within Europe.

Program courses

Please see the full study program curricula here.

Study period and time of classes

The full – time degree program covers six academic years. Classes are mainly from 8.30am till 6 pm in the working days.

Career opportunities

After successful completion of the program, graduates work in the field of healthcare, medical firms, governmental institutions. Graduates may also work in hospitals or health center under the supervision of a certified Doctor.

Admission requirements

1.General secondary high school diploma;
2. English language proficiency.
3. Grades in Biology, Chemistry or Natural Sciences must be no less than 6 (almost good) in a 10 point grading system.
Please note! There is competition for limited study places in this study program. Competition criteria are grades in Biology, Chemistry or Natural Sciences and English.

Autumn Intake (application start: 1 Jan 2018; studies start in Sept 2018)

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